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Cambio Password utente root sotto linux

1. far ripartire il server

2. se avete GRUB come bootloader, attendete fino a che appare lo splash screen e cliccate la lettera 'e' sulla tastiera. Questo interromperà grub.

3. cliccate 'e' nuovamente e questo vi porterà in una nuova schermata.

4. you should see one of the choices has "kernel" select the one with "kernel

5. hit 'e' on your keyboard

6. type ' single' (make sure to include a space before "single") and hit enter

7. your system should boot up in single mode as root

8. now that you are logged in single mode you can chage the root password by sending this command:

9. after you have changed the root password, reboot server and you should be able to login with the new password.


LILO ----------------------------

1. If you have LILO, its different, fist reboot server and when you see the LILO: prompt type "linux single" and hit enter. this will log you in as root in single user mode.

2. Once booting is complete, you can change your password with this command:
and reboot server.

Author: Shali Mano


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